Monday, 17 February 2014

Big Comfy Jumper OOTD

Can you believe that this entire outfit costs less than £25?
Everything in this look is from Primark and I LOVE IT.

This has been my go-to jumper for the past 3 weeks. The predictably miserable weather in the UK has been hanging around for what seems like 5 years and this calls for a trusty over sized jumper you can snuggle up to on those cold Winter nights (and days.) I have well and truly worn it down to the point where there are large holes throughout. Is it bad that I feel that adds to the charm of this dishevelled oversized jumper?

To maintain the femininity I like to believe I incorporate in all my outfits, I have been pairing this with a pair of simple dark denim skinny jeans and glitter wedges. I always find that cheap jeans are better for this relaxed look, here's why.. Cheaper jeans (like these) are often a mix of denim with a high content of elasticity material such as spandex. This makes the jeans cheaper to manufacture and also stretchier which is perfect for me - Nothing grates on me more than tight jeans digging into my stomach when I sit down.
They wear more like leggings than thick jeans (but without the wrinkles that jeggings produce in the most unflattering areas.)

The shoes are also some cheap wedges from Primark that I drowned in glitter. 
These will glam up even the most relaxed of looks.
I will link a video on how to make your own below. 

Anyway, thank you for visiting. 
See you again soon,


Jumper - Primark - £10
Jeans - Primark - £8
Shoes - Primark - £6 (sale)

DIY shoes:
Lookbook including this look:


  1. It looks great on you, I can't wear those kinds of jumpers, even the thought of them make me itchy :)) xx


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