Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Lookbook 2015!

Hey everyone, super quick post today!
I've uploaded Christmas lookbook to my YouTube channel whilst I work on some new videos for my channel. Things are about to be re-vamped BIG TIME.

I've just had a big change in my life which is going to change the content I upload. But dont panic, I will still be creating similar videos just in a new setting and with whole new genres thrown in. So keep an eye out for my next video to find out what I'm blabbering on about.

I decided to throw this look book together in the mean time to get everyone in the festive spirit. Cannot believe Christmas is just 2 sleeps away! 
Tonight myself and Eliot will be going for an Xmas meal with his friends and then tomorrow I'm having a girl day with my besties in preparation for the big day! Then after that its more meals on Boxing Day and Sunday. Im going to look like an actual stuffed turkey by Monday. ;)

Have a lovely Christmas guys! Let me know what you're getting up to.



Thursday, 26 November 2015

Changing Room Diaries #1

If you follow me on snapchat (@HannahLeigh0) you probably already know that last weekend I went to my favourite city, Manchester! Myself and Eliot decided to take a little work trip for and managed to get in a little shopping along the way. 

Now, I didn't buy everything shown here. I'd have to sell my soul to the devil in order to pay for some of these items. However it is fun to pretend you can afford to spend £1000 on a dress right?

If you've never done it before, I highly recommend. I went into both Selfridges and Harvey Nichols with the intention of trying on some designer garments and thats just what I did.
First thing to mention, the more money you're willing to spend, the nicer the changing rooms. Also, the sales assistants will go fetch you a pair of Jimmy Choos to try on with your outfit which I thought was quite a nice touch. 


This lovely little feathery number by Alice + Olivia is a dream. I'm a UK 10 but was worried designer sizing would come up small and I'd struggle fitting the girls in comfortably. 
However, this fit me bloody perfectly. Super tight on the waist with a little extra room on the bust and bum, just how people should design clothes for women! 
Nothing more annoying than a dress that must have been modelled on an ironing board. We go in and out people!

Another cute number by Alice + Olivia! Again, zipped up to the perfect size. As with the feathery dress I pictured these as what I would wear at Christmas (if I had a little lottery win) they were super expensive but the material and fit didn't go unappreciated!

Another win for the designer clothing came from Moschino. I've been lusting after this basketball shirt for MONTHS. Its SO not my style but I love it so much? It fit like a dream, I cant even explain. Its a loose fit without looking baggy and making you look bigger than you are. Yet its figure hugging while still being super casual, very bizarre. If I had a spare £625 I'd deffo go pick it up.
PS I love Looney Tunes. (90's kid what do you expect?) #spacejamvibes

I brought it back down to earth for this last look taking a quick visit to Urban Outfitters. Absolutely HAD to have this faux fur gilet, it's absolute Autumn/Winter goals. This look was a lot more affordable, still maintaining a touch of glam. Perfect shopping trip outfit this is, maybe add a pair of tights or you'll be freezing (It was 3 degrees by the way.. in November!)

Bye for now babies,



Monday, 23 November 2015

Let's Get Grunge

Good evening everybody!

Hope you had a great weekend. Last week I decided to take my sassy self to Meadowhall in hopes of beginning Christmas shopping because you wont find me there anytime after December 1st, it gets annoyingly busy.
 I have what feels like 5 gazillion presents to buy my family (half my family are Irish Catholic and you know they reproduce like crazy.) So I was not in the mood to be bothered by anyone.. I didn't want to run in to anyone from school, bump into any of my mum's friend's friends, I just wanted to be left the F alone.
And yes I was in a bad mood (can you tell?)

I'm very much the type of person that dresses to my mood. If you see me with dark, water lined make up with a dark lip you better know I'm a woman who's just trying to get through the day. So I put on my 'do not approach' uniform which is always ALL black everything and headed to Meadowhall.

It was generally quite successful and I happened to run into one of my viewers which raised my spirits more than you can believe. It makes me so so happy when you guys come up and talk to me, it literally changes my whole day. I know I give off unapproachable vibes but I will ALWAYS have time for you guys.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this look, Im putting together a Winter must-haves and Xmas gift guide for now you can shop this look below.
I'm also selling this sassy clutch on depop:




Friday, 13 November 2015

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Laced Up

Happy hump day everyone. We're half way to the weekend!
Super quick OOTD for you today. 

I actually wore this on a YouTube filming day so you will see this in a couple of upcoming videos over on 

I was going out to Nandos with Eliot after her finished work so I through on a fur gillet and knee high boots to glam it up a little. (I'd been wearing my red fluffy slippers around the house all day)

Over all I love this look so much. The skirt goes great with everything from bodysuits to thin jumpers. This is also the first time I've worn this bodysuit. I know I'm a bit late to the lace up bodysuit party but oh well I had to have it.

I'm looking forward to styling it up in different ways in the future. I see this going great with some black skinny jeans and red bottom shoes ;)

See you soon,

Top - Missguided
Similar here, here and here
Skirt - Primark
Similar here and here
Shoes - In The Style
Similar here and here
Gillet - Old
Similar here


Monday, 9 November 2015

Feels like Autumn

Hi everyone, as I sit writing this next to the fire with the wind howling outside I feel like it is officially Autumn. 

Fall is my favourite season by far. There's something so satisfying about being all cosy and warm inside while the leaves are blown off the trees outside. 
Plus it's not too cold yet. Its that kind of weather where you can wear everything from thick oversized sweaters to a dress with tights under your favourite coat and you're good to go!

This sleeveless jumper dress is perfect because its thick and cosy but you won't over heat under a coat. I just paired it with thick tights and fur boots to keep myself comfy. I also threw on a camel coat before heading out and braving the wind. The lining is burgundy so I went for a dark berry shade on my lips and nails.

I used my DIY technique to get that perfect matte derry lip colour, you can see how here:

Hope you're all enjoying this season and getting excited for Christmas! Let me know your fall must-haves below!

Top - Primark (similar)
Coat - River Island (similar)
Leggings - ASOS
Boots - Primark

Lipstick - MAC Dark Side
Nails - MAC Rebel



Monday, 2 November 2015

Take Me Out

Good evening everyone! I cant believe its Monday again already. *yawns*
Hope you all had a great Halloween and stayed safe. I went as a decaying mermaid, you can see pics on my instagram.

I shot this look for my date night routine video so if you want to see this outfit in action with some cringe-worthy posing go and check it out. 

I feel like a bit of a cheat posting this look because it required absolutely no effort on my part. This sexy co-ord pretty much styles itself. Its the perfect A/W material, almost sweater-like but with cleverly placed cut outs to let a bit of air in.

It's so sexy and simple, I love it. And my boyfriend commented on my outfit as soon as he picked me up. I also attended the launch of Michelle Keegan's new range for lipsy which is stunning by the way so make sure you check that out whilst you're on the site!

Until next time..

Top - Lipsy
Skirt - Lipsy
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Bag - Topshop (similar here)


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Date Night Routine!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. You may not have already seen it (or it may well be the reason that you're reading this) but I have just uploaded a Date Night Routine on to my channel

I had so much fun making this video in collaboration with if you haven't seen the video already make sure you have a quick gander.

The site has over 300,000 products and almost every brand you can think of!
How it works is - You fill out a short survey about your skin type and makeup/hair habits and the website will scan thousands and thousands of products to give you your best matches in different areas. You can also narrow down by your favourite brands if you'r a picky makeup user or open the floodgates on all products if you fancy trying something new!

This site introduced me to the Dior Airflash Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Brow Stylus and Olay Moisturiser to name a few. The lovely people are hosting a Too Faced cosmetics giveaway for my viewers. Here's what you win:
  •          Better Than Sex Mascara
  •          Semi- Sweet Chocolate Bar 
  •          Shadow Insurance 
  •          Melted 
  •          Love Flush Blush
  •          Candlelight
  •          3 Way Lining Tool
Thats a prize hamper worth over £150! All you have to do is make sure you're subscribed to my channel and complete the survey on to be automatically entered. 

I'm going to finish off this blog post with a mini review of some of my favourite purchases from the website. Here are my top picks:

Dior Airflash Foundation:
This airbrush-like foundation will cost you a pretty penny but boy is it wonderful.
I do think you need a couple of layers for this foundation to give it's full effect but it looks wonderful on the skin and lasts all day. I always add concealer on top of this as it is not quite full coverage, though it is build-able.
It gives a natural finish to the skin while still covering redness and dark spots. Downsides? It would take a person on minimum wage 5 whole hours to afford the foundation.
Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Pencil:
Now at first I wasn't too keen on this brown pencil. I love the 3 components, theres the everybrow brush, a brow highligher and the retractable, angled pencil in one stylus. However, I got the colour Grace Kelly which is the lightest shade. My hair is blonde so out of 3 shades, that would make sense. I just feel like it requires a lot of effort to get on enough product, I tested on the back of my hand and I swear nothing came off. Now, I bloody love it. Yes it takes a lot of strokes to get the right coverage but it looks so natural!
Olay 7 in 1 Moisturiser:
I never really rave about moisturisers that much. To me, they're just something that's there. But this one is great, it has anti-aging properties which I feel actually work on young skin like mine. That may seem pointless as I'm only 23 and I'm by no means wrinkly but I do have very fine lines starting to form and prevention can only be a good thing, right?
'Dark Side' MAC lipstick:
Omg this lipstick. Such a beautiful berry colour you wouldn't believe. I've been searching for the perfect fall lipstick and I found it. Now, it is a little on the darker side. Its more berry-black than berry-red but dont let that scare you. It's lovely on pale and park skin so I highly recommend!
Rush Shine Finishing Serum:
To be honest, I sort of stumbled upon this product. The site recommended it for me, I got it and that was that. But it's really great. It gives you hair this super shiny look, it works better on curls in my opinion just make sure you dont rub it into your roots or that will be a greasy nightmare!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments why you want to win the giveaway prize and Good Luck!



Saturday, 10 October 2015

Meetings in London

 Good evening everyone!
If you follow me on snapchat (@hannahleigh0) you may know I took a trip to London mid-week.

While I can't say exactly what they were about (as much as I would love to!) let's just say there's lots of exciting new opportunities for me as a content creator and you as a viewer. I also met with a company about potentially working together on a sponsored video for my channel. 

I never promote anything I don't personally love so I wanted to make sure we had the same ethics and goals. I get approached multiple times a day to promote things and in the past three months have only accepted one. But I had some a really positive meeting that looks to be going ahead. 

Sponsored videos are great for us both as it means that I get to make creative, fun videos for you to introduce you to new companies and it also means I get a little bit of money to re-invest in improving my video quality! 
Any money from sponsorships is re-invested into my channel. 

So yes, look out for some fun new videos in the future.

While I was there I took to the streets of central London to show you what I wore. In hindsight the heels we're a mistake. Walking in heels for 8 hours is never fun. 

PS what do you think of culottes? I'm still not 100% sold, let me know in the comments!

Top - ASOS
Culottes - VERA MODA
Bracelet- MOSCHINO

Photos by Akanjee Nizam


Sunday, 4 October 2015

All Black Everything

Hi everyone, hope you're all enjoying the weekend!
Quick outfit post for you today.

Today I paired an A line skirt with a long sleeve, high neck top for a lunch date.
An all black outfit with a bit of leg is the easiest way to look chic on days when you just cba. 
This is also very similar to the look I wore to the premiere of the Intern (blog post here) so I wanted to show you in more depth as I only briefly mentioned the outfit in that post.


Top - Missguided (here)
Skirt - Missguided (here)
Bag & Shoes - Primark


Thursday, 1 October 2015


I'm always looking for an excuse to visit London, it is my favourite city in the UK (closely followed by Manchester..) There is something about the fast paced nature that suits me perfectly. 

So when Warner Brothers invited me down to London for the premiere of The Intern and after party, I had to say yes. I only received tickets the day before the premiere and was um-ing and ar-ing about attending. However my Mum managed to convince me and I booked the train and hotel tickets the morning of. And boy was that 2 hour train journey worth it.

The film was lovely! So much better than I was expecting.
It's easy to watch and comedic with tear worthy moments a-plenty.
My Mum was sobbing the whole way through.
Walking the red carpet is always a surreal experience and seeing Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro doing there thing was inspiring. Before the film they came out and spoke to us a little about the movie. Anne was keen to praise director Nancy Meyers on creating such a strong female role in the film, something that we know is very important in our struggle for equality.

After watching the film and eating our complimentary family sized bags of maltesers and minstrels we headed upstairs for the after party. I've been to a few premieres before and they usually end after the film so having a chance to mingle and network was amazing.
So many of my favourite bloggers were in attendance with photobooths, free cocktails and free food to enjoy.

The whole day was amazing and so worth the trip. I stayed in the Z Hotel Soho which is such a perfect location if you want to be in the centre. I booked on the same day for £98 which is very cheap for London. The rooms were quite small but very modern and clean with lots of black, white and glass furnishings. Another thing to mention is that the hotel do free cheese and wine every night from 5PM-8PM. This was so yummy and the wine was constantly being topped up. 
I would definitely recommend staying here if you're looking for one night in the middle of all the business of London. Here are some pics from my stay.
(I wore all Missguided)

Hannah x


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Touch of satin

I love love love this look for a bit of dressed down glam. This skirt is so pretty and dusty pink is my favourite colour at the moment! 
It is tight around the waist and then long and flowing with a side slit. Obviously my height requires a little extra length in maxi skirts so this one is originally from ASOS tall. 
However, I got this second hand from depop.

The top is a body from Missguided, I have it in white, black and nude.
You can dress them up with a mini skirt or play them down with jeans. They're so affordable too I suggest buying a few colours. Missguided bodies are <3

I'm always looking for new bodysuits so if you know of any great brands let me know!
See you next time!

Bodysuit - Missguided (here)
Skirt - ASOS (similar)
Shoes - Primark (similar)
Watch - Michael Kors (here)

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