Sunday, 25 October 2015

Date Night Routine!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. You may not have already seen it (or it may well be the reason that you're reading this) but I have just uploaded a Date Night Routine on to my channel

I had so much fun making this video in collaboration with if you haven't seen the video already make sure you have a quick gander.

The site has over 300,000 products and almost every brand you can think of!
How it works is - You fill out a short survey about your skin type and makeup/hair habits and the website will scan thousands and thousands of products to give you your best matches in different areas. You can also narrow down by your favourite brands if you'r a picky makeup user or open the floodgates on all products if you fancy trying something new!

This site introduced me to the Dior Airflash Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Brow Stylus and Olay Moisturiser to name a few. The lovely people are hosting a Too Faced cosmetics giveaway for my viewers. Here's what you win:
  •          Better Than Sex Mascara
  •          Semi- Sweet Chocolate Bar 
  •          Shadow Insurance 
  •          Melted 
  •          Love Flush Blush
  •          Candlelight
  •          3 Way Lining Tool
Thats a prize hamper worth over £150! All you have to do is make sure you're subscribed to my channel and complete the survey on to be automatically entered. 

I'm going to finish off this blog post with a mini review of some of my favourite purchases from the website. Here are my top picks:

Dior Airflash Foundation:
This airbrush-like foundation will cost you a pretty penny but boy is it wonderful.
I do think you need a couple of layers for this foundation to give it's full effect but it looks wonderful on the skin and lasts all day. I always add concealer on top of this as it is not quite full coverage, though it is build-able.
It gives a natural finish to the skin while still covering redness and dark spots. Downsides? It would take a person on minimum wage 5 whole hours to afford the foundation.
Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Pencil:
Now at first I wasn't too keen on this brown pencil. I love the 3 components, theres the everybrow brush, a brow highligher and the retractable, angled pencil in one stylus. However, I got the colour Grace Kelly which is the lightest shade. My hair is blonde so out of 3 shades, that would make sense. I just feel like it requires a lot of effort to get on enough product, I tested on the back of my hand and I swear nothing came off. Now, I bloody love it. Yes it takes a lot of strokes to get the right coverage but it looks so natural!
Olay 7 in 1 Moisturiser:
I never really rave about moisturisers that much. To me, they're just something that's there. But this one is great, it has anti-aging properties which I feel actually work on young skin like mine. That may seem pointless as I'm only 23 and I'm by no means wrinkly but I do have very fine lines starting to form and prevention can only be a good thing, right?
'Dark Side' MAC lipstick:
Omg this lipstick. Such a beautiful berry colour you wouldn't believe. I've been searching for the perfect fall lipstick and I found it. Now, it is a little on the darker side. Its more berry-black than berry-red but dont let that scare you. It's lovely on pale and park skin so I highly recommend!
Rush Shine Finishing Serum:
To be honest, I sort of stumbled upon this product. The site recommended it for me, I got it and that was that. But it's really great. It gives you hair this super shiny look, it works better on curls in my opinion just make sure you dont rub it into your roots or that will be a greasy nightmare!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments why you want to win the giveaway prize and Good Luck!



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