Thursday, 1 October 2015


I'm always looking for an excuse to visit London, it is my favourite city in the UK (closely followed by Manchester..) There is something about the fast paced nature that suits me perfectly. 

So when Warner Brothers invited me down to London for the premiere of The Intern and after party, I had to say yes. I only received tickets the day before the premiere and was um-ing and ar-ing about attending. However my Mum managed to convince me and I booked the train and hotel tickets the morning of. And boy was that 2 hour train journey worth it.

The film was lovely! So much better than I was expecting.
It's easy to watch and comedic with tear worthy moments a-plenty.
My Mum was sobbing the whole way through.
Walking the red carpet is always a surreal experience and seeing Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro doing there thing was inspiring. Before the film they came out and spoke to us a little about the movie. Anne was keen to praise director Nancy Meyers on creating such a strong female role in the film, something that we know is very important in our struggle for equality.

After watching the film and eating our complimentary family sized bags of maltesers and minstrels we headed upstairs for the after party. I've been to a few premieres before and they usually end after the film so having a chance to mingle and network was amazing.
So many of my favourite bloggers were in attendance with photobooths, free cocktails and free food to enjoy.

The whole day was amazing and so worth the trip. I stayed in the Z Hotel Soho which is such a perfect location if you want to be in the centre. I booked on the same day for £98 which is very cheap for London. The rooms were quite small but very modern and clean with lots of black, white and glass furnishings. Another thing to mention is that the hotel do free cheese and wine every night from 5PM-8PM. This was so yummy and the wine was constantly being topped up. 
I would definitely recommend staying here if you're looking for one night in the middle of all the business of London. Here are some pics from my stay.
(I wore all Missguided)

Hannah x


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