Monday, 23 November 2015

Let's Get Grunge

Good evening everybody!

Hope you had a great weekend. Last week I decided to take my sassy self to Meadowhall in hopes of beginning Christmas shopping because you wont find me there anytime after December 1st, it gets annoyingly busy.
 I have what feels like 5 gazillion presents to buy my family (half my family are Irish Catholic and you know they reproduce like crazy.) So I was not in the mood to be bothered by anyone.. I didn't want to run in to anyone from school, bump into any of my mum's friend's friends, I just wanted to be left the F alone.
And yes I was in a bad mood (can you tell?)

I'm very much the type of person that dresses to my mood. If you see me with dark, water lined make up with a dark lip you better know I'm a woman who's just trying to get through the day. So I put on my 'do not approach' uniform which is always ALL black everything and headed to Meadowhall.

It was generally quite successful and I happened to run into one of my viewers which raised my spirits more than you can believe. It makes me so so happy when you guys come up and talk to me, it literally changes my whole day. I know I give off unapproachable vibes but I will ALWAYS have time for you guys.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this look, Im putting together a Winter must-haves and Xmas gift guide for now you can shop this look below.
I'm also selling this sassy clutch on depop:




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