Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Good day everyone!
There's a good chance you've found this post through my most recent video.
In the video I unboxed a giant package from The Blogger Programme.
They sent me enough fitness related goodies to last me a lifetime. It came at the perfect time too since February is the month I normally get my arse in gear and start working on my fitness and health.

January is a really difficult month to start, I think. You're used to pigging out over Christmas and a new year plus its a time to spend with family and friends after dealing with all the sh*t that happened the previous year.
Plus going to the gym in January is a god damn nightmare, don't event try it. It's ridiculously busy all day, every day. 
Classes book up and its intimidating as hell.

So yes, February is my month. I always start at the beginning of the month so I can squeeze my very slightly more toned self into a tight dress for Valentine's Day. I'm not a 'gym bunny' though. Not at all really. I may only go to the gym once a week. The rest of the time I'll do classes in my living room, dance or jog.

I really don't think you need to pay a gym £30 a month to get fit. There are hundreds of thousands of workout videos on YouTube. I do a different video every morning. This makes it interesting and I look forward to doing a new one every day. My main issue with exercise is how god damn boring it can be. Doing the same thing everyday is not my thing at all and that's normally when I throw in the towel.

My biggest tip to get fit by summer is to have a varied workout and diet routine. Mix it up. Dont jog for 45 minutes a day everyday, 
do dancing..zumba.
And by diet, I dont mean diet. I mean the food you eat.
Eat healthily, eat more vegetables, drink more water but dont starve yourself or deprive yourself of tasty food. If you keep up a more healthy lifestyle from now until summer, you will see a difference. 

Let me know your top tips for getting in shape below!

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  1. I totally agree with the boring-ness of working out. I started a program by Kayla Istines and it's so repetitive. Every week is basically the same thing. I was into it for about 2 weeks then after that it just became a drag. I started up again on Monday and I'm just gonna have to push through the boring 30 minutes

    1. That's always been my issue too! I used to do 30 day shred and you do the exact same work out for 10 days, three times. I usually just quit after a week or so. But now I always do a different video every day and save the ones I really love for a later date :)


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