Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Film Premiere Glam + How To Get Invited

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for going off the radar for so long. Things have been a little bit mental.
But I'm back posting on here - I promise.

I thought I'd show you my glam from the Bridget Jones premiere but have had a few questions on snapchat (HannahLeigh0) about film premieres etc etc. 
So let me tell the story of the premiere from the beginning.

How do you get invited to film premieres?

Probably the most asked question EVER when I post about these events. I wish there was a super interesting answer to this but it's honestly just knowing the right people. For example; many moons ago I did a makeup video for Warner Brothers to promote the film Annabelle. Since then I've been invited to most Warner Bros events - you just have to get in with the right people and be able to offer something. A lot of bloggers get invited to these events in hopes they will tweet about it and boost exposure for the film.

So, how to get invited - Know somebody who is in charge of the guest list, be a blogger or have an audience on social media, be a media outlet/press, enter ticket competitions on twitter. The last is probably the best option. If you search the film name on Twitter near the premiere date, you will see a LOAAAD of competitions offering those golden tickets!

I have been to a few premieres over the years and usually am unable to attend as I live up north and all premieres are in London. However, my Mum begged me to take her to Bridget Jones ever since the trailer came out. I began hustling for tickets and luckily my agent managed to get my a couple. I told my Mum I couldn't get them until a few days before when I broke the news over wine and pasta. She legit cried. It was a mess. But she was so happy.

I always get slightly nervous before red (or in this case - pink) carpet events. Just the amount of people there makes me anxious. Plus the fact I was looking after my Mother who had turned into an excitable child for the night.
It's not as glamorous as you think. Nobody is going to want to take your picture, nobody is creaming your name and they normally shove you down the red carpet like cattle but this time we were able to spend a bit more time on the carpet taking pictures and rubbing shoulders with Renee herself.

Needless to say it was awesome. Film was hilarious. I actually enjoyed the film much more than I thought I would. If you have any other questions feel free to leave them below and I'll get back to you for sure.

I'll link to everything I wore down below!

Jumpsuit - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - (similar)
Bag - Aldo



  1. Amazing post! I followed it all on snapchat :D
    Emily x

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