Thursday, 22 September 2016

What To Wear on Days Off

Top (here) Bottoms (here)

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope this week's been treating you well.

I've had a nice relaxed week of organising my blog and shooting some awesome content. My days off usually consist of chilling on the sofa, cuddles with little Ralph and lots of junk food & movies. But what does one wear on these lazy pig-out days? 

It's important to be comfortable.Well to be 100% lazy you have to be committed. That means being both mentally and physically completely comfortable in yourself. And thats where this little outfit comes in. It's loose fitting, slouchy and off the shoulder. SUPER comfy, but also easy on the eyes. 

See - you could wear this lounging around the house and then just throw on a pair of trainers and nip to the shops to top up on the Ben&Jerrys. You still look like you've made an effort which is why I love this.

I'll attach links to this casual outfit & more below!
Have a lovely weekend everyone, let me know in the comments what you love to do on your days off. 





  1. This outfit is too cute! Emx

  2. Hannah what kind of lash number do you use from Chelsea?


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