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Most Instagram Worthy Places To Visit in 2017

Welcome to my top places to visit in 2017 that will ensure an enviable Instagram feed! One of my new years resolutions is to travel more so I thought why not kick it off with this list. These are (no doubt about it) the best places to visit in 2017 - according to Instagram.


Croatia is at the top of this list as it seems like everyone and their cat has been talking about Croatia for the past few months and to be completely honest I had never even considered it as a holiday destination until 2016. 

Beaches and islands a plenty, this gorgeous country gives you those crystal clear blue waters of Bali for European holiday prices.

Rich in night life, day time activities and architecture, whether you prefer relaxing on the beach or hiking through the hills, there's something for everybody here.


How could you not include Thailand in a list of Instagram worthy vacation spots?! The beaches really do envy that of any where else plus this place is jam packed full of fun activities and thai culture.

Get yourself to a buddist temple, explore the jungles, wake up early for the morning markets and dont forget to experience a night out in Bangkok!


I write about Budapest with a smile on my face knowing I will probably visit here within the next couple of years. My boyfriend has practically begged for a weekend in Budapest since we got together. If you're looking for a fun city with vast architecture and cheap food and booze - you've found it!

You'll probably want to pack this holiday into a weekend so take some decent footwear. If you need a break, they have some of the best spas in Europe!


Vietnam absolutely had to appear on this list. I have personally never been before but the three people I know that have visited cannot sing its praises any louder. I found this surprising as my ignorant self associates Vietnam with the war (why?) Completely incorrect, just check out the photos below. Few countries have transformed so dramatically in such a short period of time than Vietnam.

Be sure to take a cycle or boat ride on your travels. The Old Quarter of Hanoi will see you drinking with the locals and the markets are meant to be amazing.


Cuba holds a special place in my heart. I experienced Cuba several moons ago (back when you couldn't travel to and from America) and I remember my child self thinking, "It must really suck not being able to experience this." 

The country is absolutely beautiful and the people have the biggest hearts. I have never been so overwhelmed by spirit where people who have almost nothing will give you everything. Plenty of places to relax mixed with amazing streets lined with stunning colourful houses - this is one trip you wont forget.

Also if you're able to stay a little longer and take a connecting flight don't forget to visit:

Dominican Republic

Another one from my childhood and very similar to Cuba in terms of hospitality, Dominican Republic is great for relaxing. If you can get over the loooong flight from the UK you will love it here. Visit the bright, white beaches to see locals selling fresh coconuts and aloe vera or wander into town and party with the rest of them. 

It's a truely lovely place that could not be any more picturesque if it tried.


I'm putting Dubai on my list in hopes it will encourage me to visit this year. You can go all out on a relaxed 2 week vacation of aquariums and shopping or make it a quick weekend of partying and sand duning, the choice is yours. You may need to read up on the culture of Dubai to make sure you're respectful and aware of the way of life there but the atmosphere of Dubai is addicting. 

This is definitely one I'm adding to my ASAP list.


I couldn't possibly exclude my home capital without feeling like a massive traitor. London is great. It really is. But as someone who spends a lot of time there, it's easy to take for granted.

You couldn't possibly be disappointed with a trip to London. You might not get the great weather of abroad or the Northern hospitality of Manchester (another great place to visit in the UK, known as 'London on a budget.') But you will get a whole load of amazing food, impeccable architecture, breath taking broadway shows and awesome shopping opportunities. This really is the ultimate city break. Plan for 3 days and you'll be happy as Larry.

Be prepared to go hard or go home as Londoners hate nothing more than dawdlers. So get a move on. Look forward, keep it moving and you'll have a great time.

Did I miss anything? Tell me where YOU think will be big in 2017!



  1. Great post girl!

  2. I want to go to Thailand so badly!
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